The rules outlined in this document are for participants that engage in any contest that The Good News Broadcasting Association of Canada (hereby written as GNBAC) may produce. GNBAC is an official Canadian charity that directs, produces and runs Back to the Bible Canada, Laugh Again, and indoubt. The definition of “any contest,” refers to any and all contests held throughout radio, social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other third party service), and/or websites (,, and/or ) from any or all ministries of GNBAC.

Rules and Regulations

Participating in any GNBAC contest means abiding by the following rules and regulations:[1]

  • Unless otherwise stated, all contests held by GNBAC are open to all Canadian residents with the exception of those residing in Quebec. If any Canadian resident who is under the age of majority in their province wins, then a parent or guardian of the winner must enter the contest – whereby the winner will be transferred to the parent or guardian.
  • The immediate families of employees of GNBAC are not eligible to win (i.e. those living in the same residence).
  • Specific contest rules will be clearly written/spoken from any given medium by GNBAC (Back to the Bible Canada, Laugh Again, and/or indoubt). For example, specific rules for a giveaway over Instagram might say, “Like our photo, follow us, and tag three friends to be entered in a draw to win _______!” The written/spoken content will always include a link to this document for further rules and regulations (The Good News Broadcasting Association of Canada Contest Rules and Regulations).
  • Unless otherwise stated, all “random draw” contests will be executed as stated: participants’ names will be laid out on a spreadsheet, ordered by first contestant to enter, to last contestant to enter. Once the established date and time of contest has ended, a random number generator will be used to select a winner.
  • Upon being declared a winner, the contestant must answer a skill-testing question through the email that they have provided to GNBAC.
  • Prizes shall be accepted as they come and may not be exchanged or refunded for money. If the participant does not want a given prize, the participant forfeits their place as winner and GNBAC is released from any obligation toward participant.
  • If any false statement from the participant is noticed, participant will be disqualified from given contest.
  • All participants who win agree that their first name, picture, or voice (as submitted specifically for given contest) may be used for promotion and/or marketing for any/all GNBAC ministries (Back to the Bible Canada, Laugh Again, and/or indoubt).
  • GNBAC assumes absolutely no liability for any loss, damage or injury, including (but not limited to): i) lost, stolen, delayed, damaged, misdirected, late, destroyed, illegible or incomplete contestant entries; ii) loss, theft or damage to software or computer or telephone data, including any breach of privacy; iii) fraudulent calls; iv) inability of any person to participate in the given contest for any reason including mistaken addresses on mail or email; technical, computer or telephone malfunctions or other problems with computer online systems, servers, access providers, computer equipment, or software; congestion on the internet or at any website, or any combination of the foregoing; v) damage to any person’s computer, including as a result of playing or downloading any material relating to the given contest; vi) any delay or inability to act resulting from an event or situation beyond their control, including a strike, lockout or other labour dispute and their location or the locations of the organizations and businesses whose services are used to administer the given contest by GNBAC; vii) any injury, damage or loss arising from participation in the GNBAC contest or from the awarding, acceptance or use of any prize, or viii) prizes that are lost, damaged or misdirected during shipping.
  • Personal information that participant provides for given contest, excluding first name, picture, and/or voice (as submitted specifically for given contest), will be used only for given contest, unless consent is given.
  • All contests held/produced by GNBAC are their own – absolutely no third party service is paying, threatening, and/or bribing GNBAC to hold/produce any given contest.
  • GNBAC reserves the right to amend or change drastically the rules and regulations of any given contest at any given time, and/or to terminate any given contest at any time without any liability to any participant of specific contest.

[1] In no specific or prioritized order.