Fifty Shades of Grey and the Christian

Mar 29, 2017|

Pornography used to be considered only a man’s problem, but filmmakers have found ways of appealing to the very different psychology of women. And rather than seeing it as a problem, it is now seen as an acceptable form of self-expression.

The 2 Missing Steps in Cultural Engagement

Mar 29, 2017|

The Culture(s) of Darkness The culture of every generation is infested with sin. Sometimes the brokenness is more apparent in one culture than another, but it’s always there. Sometimes it’s hidden, so ...Read more

Better No God Than This One

Mar 24, 2017|

What we are witnessing is the Evangelical Movement’s wide spread disconnection from its biblical, historical, and gospel centered roots. Let’s pray that William Young’s disclosure shocks some evangelicals into recognizing how far the movement has strayed from its roots.

My Time Machine

Mar 22, 2017|

I asked a friend where he would go if he had a time machine. I was unprepared for his answer. He said, “I’d travel back about eight years and say sorry to my wife.” Maybe you can relate.

A Reminder to “Get Up”

Mar 22, 2017|

Knowing the gospel is good, but not enough. Knowing Jesus is excellent, but still, not enough. What do I mean by this? We meed to "live" the gospel outside the comfort of our "home."

Why Aren’t We Sharing the Gospel?

Mar 15, 2017|

Why do so many Christians struggle with sharing the gospel? Is it because they're ill-equipped? Not prepared? Unqualified? Maybe, but I would suggest a different reason.


Mar 15, 2017|

So today I thought it would be fun to introduce to you some normal, unvarnished people who admit that their lives are anything but perfect. I hope these true stories bring you a little cheer today.

The Benedict Option

Mar 14, 2017|

If the church of Jesus Christ does not provide a robust and holistic alternative culture, it will lose its soul.

What Did Jesus Believe about God?

Mar 8, 2017|

Usually when you're researching a topic you want to go to the person who's studies that topic the most. So, if we want to know more about God, why not go to Jesus? Here's everything that Jesus believed about God according to Matthew.

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