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Times to Speak & Times to Be Silent

By indoubt Jul 18, 2019

There Are Times To Speak & Times To Be Silent, Even In The Social Media Age  Scrolling through social media commentary, particularly in this day […]

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The King of Clean by Phil Callaway | Laugh Again

The King of Clean

By Phil Callaway Jul 16, 2019

Television is called a “medium” because so little of it is rare or well done. Here’s Phil’s tribute to one who swam upstream. All good […]

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Are You Virtue Signalling? By Dr. John Neufeld | Back to the Bible Canada

Are You Virtue Signalling?

By Dr. John Neufeld Jul 16, 2019

Virtue Signalling. I am told that many major companies in North America do it. One dictionary says that it means to take a conspicuous, noticeable, eye-catching, essentially useless action […]

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Millennial Shouldn't Be a Derogatory Term

‘Millennial’ Shouldn’t Be a Derogatory Term

By indoubt Jul 11, 2019

Recently I’ve been opening my talks with this statement: “In the Kingdom of God, there’s no such thing as a millennial. It’s a man-made term & definition.”

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How Embracing Rest Can Change Your Life

By indoubt Jul 4, 2019

God’s heart for rest goes deeper than what we can do for Sabbath. True Sabbath is returning to who God created us to be. But what would that look like?

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Hitting the Wall by Phil Callaway | Laugh Again

Hitting the Wall by Phil Callaway

By Phil Callaway Jun 28, 2019

We all like to be in good shape, but it takes work. You gotta move something, lift something. And sadly, lifting a cheeseburger to your […]

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What To Do When You Feel Stuck -

What To Do When You Feel Stuck

By indoubt Jun 20, 2019

Whether it’s in our career path, church or relationships, we’ve all felt that paralyzing fear of not knowing what our next step should be, feeling stuck.

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When Father’s Day Hurts

By indoubt Jun 16, 2019

This isn’t an article about my pain. It’s an article about the pain so many of you carry on this Father’s day. Pain shows up in different ways & we see you.

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Mental Illness Won’t Make God Love You Less

By indoubt Jun 13, 2019

Mental illness won’t make God love you less. In fact, owning up to your mental health issues is a sign of spiritual maturity.

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God's Ways for Gospel Advancement by Dr. John Neufeld | Back to the Bible Canada

God’s Ways for Gospel Advancement

By Dr. John Neufeld Jun 7, 2019

Lately, I have been meditating on Philippians 1:12, which says; “I want you to know, brothers, that what has happened to me has really served […]

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4 Myths Too Many Christians Believe About Mental Health

By indoubt Jun 6, 2019

So why do so many within the Christian community avoid talking about these difficulties? Why is the church not discussing these topics more often?

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Holding Fast to Our Faith by Dr. John Neufeld | Back to the Bible Canada

Holding Fast to Our Faith

By Dr. John Neufeld May 31, 2019

Recently, a dear Austrian friend gave me a copy of “Der Spiegel”. “Der Spiegel”, German for, “The Mirror”, is a newsmagazine roughly equivalent to Time […]

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