5 Proofs that the Gospel Strengthens You

Jul 11, 2018|

What do we do when we feel weak and powerless? When you’re feeling weak, anxious, discouraged, and powerless, first pray, and then preach the gospel to yourself. So, here are 5 proofs that the gospel strengthens you.

The Future of Christian Marriage in a Hostile Culture

Jul 6, 2018|

What is the future of Christian marriage in Canada in light of the recent decision handed down by the Supreme Court of Canada against Trinity Western University's proposed law school? Dr. John Neufeld ...Read more

What Does a Christian Look Like? (Part 1)

Jul 4, 2018|

What does a genuine Christian look like? I believe a great image of a Christian is seen and described by the beatitudes. Before Jesus begins his famous “Sermon on the Mount,” he gives eight statements (called the beatitudes) in the form of blessings that his disciples are to follow and test themselves against.

Trinity Western University Law School and The Supreme Court Decision

Jun 27, 2018|

By now, I suppose most people have heard that the Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that Trinity Western University will not be permitted to open a Law School. At issue was the community covenant agreement that all students are expected to sign. At issue was one part of the covenant, dealing with sexuality.

Sexual Abuse, the Bible, and Hope

Jun 27, 2018|

God takes the worst of sinners and the most broken of victims and gives them abundant life in Christ. There is no evil He can’t triumph and there is no damage He can’t renew.

Pratt’s Gospel Message and What We Can Do About It (newsfeed)

Jun 20, 2018|

On Monday, June 18, 2018, actor Chris Pratt went a step further in his winning speech upon receiving an MTV award. In his “9 Rules for Life” that he gave, eight were a mixture of funny and semi-serious rules, and then the last was approaching explicit gospel.

Have You Ever Been Crippled by Anxiety, Fear or Doubt?

Jun 18, 2018|

I’m the guy who still has nightmares about flunking fifth grade. I’m the guy who said a quick “No” to the first 30 speaking requests I received. I can imagine a disease for every ache, an Eeyore for every Tigger. And I’m not alone.

Two Ways to Enhance Your Art

Jun 13, 2018|

The two ways to enhance your art as a Christian? Read your Bible and go to church. Here's a shotgun of reasons why doing those two things will encourage you as an artist and enhance your art.

The Importance of Knowing Jesus Truthfully

Jun 6, 2018|

Good things come from a good foundation. So, do you know Jesus partially or foundationally? Perhaps your judgment of Jesus is invalid based on this principle.

What Should The Relationship Be Between Church And State?

Jun 6, 2018|

What should be the relationship between Christians and the state? Does the Bible offer us guidance? I think it does; indeed, it gives us a number of significant mandates.