Star Struck

Nov 17, 2017|

As a child, I loved lying on my back on warm summer nights and looking up at the stars. The night sky is a perfect canvas for a child’s imagination to scribble on; it sure beats an iPad. Were the star ...Read more

It’s Not About You

Nov 14, 2017|

If all you think of when you think about Christianity, and if all you say when in Christian conversations, and if all you do regarding Christian things is centred on you and your benefit, then there might be a slight problem.

Governor General Julie Payette of Canada Mocks Creationism

Nov 9, 2017|

Julie Payette is Canada’s new Governor General. At a recent speech to scientists at an Ottawa convention, Ms. Payette was very clear about how she felt about religion. She mocked those who were still debating about whether life came about as a result of divine intervention rather than natural processes.

What We Can Learn from a 17-Year-Old Martyr

Nov 8, 2017|

What can we learn from a 17-year-old martyr? Jane Grey modelled a life of boldness, courage, and devotion in God. There's lot's to learn.

Job Interview Fails

Nov 2, 2017|

Have you ever been the victim of a job interview fail?

Thoughts on How to Read the Bible Well

Oct 26, 2017|

Here are six key tips in learning how to study your Bible well.

Why is Music Such a Big Issue in the Church?

Oct 25, 2017|

Keith Getty's response to, "Why is music in the church such a hot topic?"

Just the Stats

Oct 24, 2017|

Years ago when I began editing Servant Magazine for Prairie College, I decided to run a short column of interesting facts. Here is a sampling.

500 Years After the Reformation

Oct 23, 2017|

In just one week, we will be celebrating the 500th anniversary of Luther’s nailing of the 95 thesis on the door of the Wittenberg Church. It is well to remember the history of what brought Luther to that point.

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