Low Hanging Fruit

Sep 15, 2017|

There are people in Canada who are particularly easy to reach with the gospel and yet have been neglected. I am speaking most specifically of Canada’s large immigrant community.

4 Key Characteristics of a Christian

Sep 13, 2017|

The church in Acts can give us a great example of what the church really should look like. But it's not all about looking like the church - it's about being the church. Here are four actions of understanding and belief that every Christian needs to consider before working towards better church community.

Is God in a Hurry?

Sep 8, 2017|

Without a doubt, we are a people obsessed with movement. With busyness. As a result, Kenneth Greenspan of New York's Presbyterian Hospital claims that stress now contributes to 90% of all diseases.

The Pocketbook Theology Series

Sep 8, 2017|

I think this book will be very helpful to both Christians and, as a brief introduction to the gospel, non-Christians alike.

A Prayer for the Anxious

Sep 6, 2017|

Anxiety is a deep and sometimes distressing concern for something or someone, to the point of irregular physical, mental, and/or emotional health. Not only did the Apostle Paul experience this, but also Jesus. And Jesus shows us just what to do: pray. Here's a prayer for the anxious.

A Tale of Two Sydneys

Aug 29, 2017|

I love travel stories. The most memorable are those in which something goes badly wrong. I have lost my passport, my luggage, and my lunch on a bumpy flight. But that’s small potatoes compared to the adventures of the unwitting travellers you’re about to meet.

Pray for South Sudanese Refugees

Aug 23, 2017|

With all the news that is going on, Christians need to focus on those things that affect the kingdom of God, and those that call for our involvement. One of the things we should focusing on is the current refugee crisis in South Sudan.

True Happiness and Significance is Out There

Aug 23, 2017|

Friend, true happiness and significance is out there. It’s just not in anything man has made – which includes philosophies and religions that man has thought of). True happiness and significance is only found in the gospel of God.

Culturally irrelevant Christians

Aug 16, 2017|

The reason why chasing for relevancy makes us irrelevant is that we have become followers and not leaders and followers are never relevant.

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