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The Full Extent of Christ’s Love

September 27, 2023

How much does God love us? How would we quantify that? We could point to creation and the abundance of daily grace. We could list answered prayers and unique provisions. But Paul points to another measure. Today, Dr. John teaches from Romans 5:6-11 and unpacks Paul’s demonstration of God’s love for us. If God loved us at our worst, enough to die for us, how can He love us less as His child? Today, tomorrow and forever, you are loved by God through Jesus Christ.

Facing the Reality of our Sins

By Dr. John Neufeld | September 22, 2023

As Dr. John continues with Ps.90, we learn that counting our days can lead to wisdom. What is that wisdom to be? The wisdom gleaned from knowing the brevity of life is found in five prayers. Moses prays for perspective, mercy, joy, meaning and a sense of God’s majesty. These grant us wisdom in the fleeting of our days.

Precarious Living

By Scott Tolhurst | September 22, 2023

You are riding on a bus through the Andes. The road is as wide as a fat donkey, but little more! The driver speeds like this is NASCAR and the drop to your right is a doorway to eternity. How do you feel? Or — you’ve worked hard on a project, but your boss is…

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THE INDOUBT SHOW with Andrew Marcus

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LAUGH AGAIN with Phil Callaway

We bring a message of hope and joy! This is the mission of Laugh Again, hosted by Phil Callaway. Laugh Again is a humour-based, daily broadcast ministry of the Good News Broadcasting Association of Canada whose goal is to use storytelling and laughter to engage people of all backgrounds with a message of hope and joy. This message can only be found in a growing relationship with God and His Word.

One can’t forget pen and paper when listening to Dr. Neufeld.. so rich!


I just subscribed… Thank you for sharing God’s Word. The greatest calling in life is to present the truth of His word.


Through your show I have learned so much about Jesus, the Bible, and our faith. So from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU! Your ministry reaches further than I think you realize.


I’ve been greatly blessed by your faithful ministry.


Thanks for teaching us the Word of God.



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