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Civil War

By Dr. John Neufeld | February 29, 2024

King David had faced his share of enemies. He was battle hardened. But even all of this did not prepare him for rebellion and warfare from his own son, Absalom. There was pride and arrogance from Absalom and his advisors, which led to their downfall. But God walked King David though a period of public humility, in which he found God’s grace and restoration to the throne.

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Jesus and the Gentiles

By Dr. John Neufeld | February 23, 2024

“I really appreciate Dr. Neufeld’s no-nonsense approach to teaching.”


“We just love everything about the ministry, so varied yet clear in what your purpose is.”


“Thank you for your Bible teaching. I have learned so much from you. It’s wonderful how you use your gifts to serve the Lord.”


“I so appreciate your back to the Bible approach in every episode. The name of the ministry is so fitting.”


“My soul praises God for learning the important lessons that God gives Dr. John. THANK YOU for staying true to scripture + listening to the Holy Spirit.”



Living in Step With the Spirit (Part 4/5)

By Scott Tolhurst | February 27, 2024

“If we live by the Spirit, let us also keep in step with the Spirit” (Galatians 5:25).   Motions of Grace I can’t dance. My dance-less state is not driven by…

Living With Feet of Clay (Part 3/5)

By Scott Tolhurst | February 13, 2024

“For he knows our frame; he remembers that we are dust.” Ps.103:14 “Hi, I’m Scott and I am a sinner.” It is the pattern at AA meetings when introducing yourself…

Living From the Inside Out (Part 2/5)

By Scott Tolhurst | January 30, 2024

Jesus said that purity is not a matter of what we eat or touch, but it is revealed by what flows from the heart.


Life Lessons from David


The Adventure of Prayer


Making the Most of Your Salvation: E-Book


Making the Most of Your Salvation (Book)

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