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Ep. 072: Why Worldviews?

The next two weeks with Steve Kim has everything to do with worldviews and how we, as Christians, engage others with different worldviews. In this first episode, we’ll hear about how Steve dealt with different worldviews growing up, and then he’ll explain what exactly worldviews are, what the Christian worldview is, and then the importance…

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Now to Him

Revelation paints a picture of the altogether glorious God of creation, and tracks His promise in which He will bring us a new creation.

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Ep. 105: Abortion and Christianity Copy

Approximately 100,000 abortions happen a year in Canada. The subject of abortion can be difficult to talk about – including within the church. Many Christians are quite apathetic towards the whole issue. Sure, with their lips they’ll say, “I’m pro-life and don’t believe in abortion!” but their actions wouldn’t prove this. But when we discover…

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