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Ep. 189: Back Roads to Belonging

Back Roads to Belonging - Ep. 189 with Kristen Strong on the indoubt Podcast

Being on the outside looking in is uncomfortable and it’s a place where no one really wants to be. You’ll do whatever it takes to fit in and be noticed. You’ll join in on what’s popular, even if it goes against your own beliefs. Or, you’ll stand still, unmoving, paralyzed with the fear that you’re…

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He Reigns

To the King by Dr. John Neufeld | Back to the Bible Canada

Both Psalm 2 and Psalm 147 are in praise of the glorious King. But with a closer look, we can see that they are different.

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Facing Joy While Facing Trouble

Psalm 90 ends with five prayers for those who have squarely faced the trouble of life and have found God. Each of these prayers arise out of faith, out of the joyous discovery that trouble is not the last word instead trouble has been the pathway of discovering God

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