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Ep. 159: Sexuality. Identity. Hospitality. Food. | Pt. 1

When someone asks you who you are, how do you answer? Joining the indoubt Podcast this week is the author of ‘The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert,’ Rosaria Butterfield. You’ll hear about her life-changing story, the power of an invitation, and ways to overcome your own struggle of identity. Check back next week for…

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A King Without Honor

And that is the mystery of the kingdom of heaven. In spite of the fact that the kingdom of heaven has come the reception will be varied. How about you? How have you responded to the kingdom?

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Anti-Christian Media, Fake News and the Truth

Anti-Christian media, Fake News and the Truth by Dr. John Neufeld of Back to the Bible Canada

Does anti-Christan media spread fake news and lies to cover up or distort the truth of what is really happening in the world against believers? Over the New Year, I was reflecting on the media reporting of the murder of Jamal Khashoggi. He was murdered on October 2 of last year. Khashoggi, we are told,…

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The Value of the Kingdom

The kingdom of heaven is more valuable than anything any human being has ever sacrificed for. This is the most valuable thing that exists. For it gives you God eternity, forgiveness and joy without regret.

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The Greatest Moment in History

Capernaum has now been visited by hundreds of millions of people because Jesus made that place His home town. But the people who lived there and saw Him had no idea that they were standing at ground zero of the most profound moment not in Jewish history but in human history.

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