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Comparing Recreational Marijuana with Alcohol

We recently had a conversation with Portland-based pastor, Jeff Lacine, on the topic of recreational marijuana. Click here to listen to the entire conversation.   We asked Jeff about the similarity between recreational marijuana and recreational alcohol, since this is most likely a comparison that people will make.   This was Jeff’s answer[1]:   Obviously…

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Episode 112: Recreational Marijuana and the Christian

Critically and biblically thinking about recreational marijuana use is crucial today – especially in Canada. Within the year, the Canadian government will legalize recreational marijuana, so it’s essential that Christians take time to think through this issue well. That’s why we’re having this conversation with pastor Jeff Lacine this week. Earlier this year, Jeff wrote…

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The False Prophet

The tests for determining the truth from God is to see whether the prophet is speaking words that are in line with the revealed will of God found in scripture.

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Remembering Evangelist Billy Graham

So many tributes have already poured in at the passing of Billy Graham. Everyone from large church pastors and politicians to celebrities and world leaders have made statements. I recently saw Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s very gracious comments. It reminded me of the broad ministry this one man had been given.

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On Eagles Wings

When Revelation 12:14 says, the woman (referring to Israel) is given two wings of an eagle we are supposed to be reminded of Gods’ miraculous deliverance of Israel out of Egypt.

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