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God the Son

God the Father has a Son and His Son shares fully in His essence. He, like his father, is fully God, infinite, uncreated, incomprehensible and eternal. He is only one. If it were not so He would not be the Son but rather a created being.

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Episode 110: Social Media to the Glory of God

Like most things in life, social media can be used really badly or really well. If you use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. to gain approval and acceptance, or to proudly show-off your seemingly perfect life, then it’s probably not helping you or those around you. But, however, if you use social media to equip and…

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God of Sovereign Rule

God is involved in all the events of our lives nothing either large or small does not have His guiding hand ruling over all things for His glory and our long-term good. And yet we act freely as free moral agents.

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God of Wisdom and Knowledge

Through the persons of the Trinity God has completely and objectively known himself. There is nothing about God that God does not know. God knows himself in a way that you and I can never know ourselves. We can only view ourselves as the subject of our observations but God can view himself as the object of his observations.

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When Someone Tells You About their Same-Sex Attraction

We recently had a conversation with author and speaker Sam Allberry on the issue of same-sex attraction and Christianity. One of our last questions for him was this: how should a Christian respond when a friend or family member opens up to them about their same-sex attraction?   Below was his response. Sam I think…

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