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Overshadowed By Jesus

If you and I could ever get it into our heads that only Jesus deserves unquestioning loyalty, that we are not worthy to even untie His sandals, we are not worthy to even be mentioned next to Jesus and yet we have been invited to be called His brothers and sisters to be intimate with Him and to be His representative in this world we would learn to be content in following Him.

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3 Simple Ways to Engage Non-Christians this Christmas

How can we best share Jesus this season?   I’ve had the great opportunity to chat with two Christian apologists on the historical Jesus (one with Sean McDowell, and the other with Logan Gates). Both of these conversations took place around Christmas, so it only made sense that I ask them how we can best…

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Knowing Who We Are

Who you are has little to do with who you think you are, but rather it has everything to do with God’s calling upon your life. It has everything to do with how God crafted and shaped you.

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Episode 101: Engaging the Historical Jesus with Heart and Mind

It’s Christmas, which means people will (hopefully) be thinking about Jesus. What do the majority of Canadians (Christian or not) think about Jesus? What can we know about Jesus that’s not from the Bible? What’s so important about His death? Is it true that He really rose from the dead? These are some of the…

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