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The Greatest Sin of All

*This short blog (The Greatest Sin of All) is part of a transcription of the audio taken from a Q&A panel discussion from our Sexual Identity event. You can listen to the full episode here. Question: How can I respond when someone tells another person they’re going to hell because of their sin of homosexual…

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The Love of God at Christmas (Part 2)

John 3:16 is probably the best Christmas text. In my last blog on this subject, I pointed out, that in John’s gospel, the world that God so loved is the realm of rebellion against God. In 1 John we are told that the world consists of three impulses: the lust of the flesh, the lust…

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Episode 102: Voices of 2017 (on the Bible, anxiety, and more)

As we wrap up 2017, we wanted to find some of the best clips of different conversations from the year. Topics ranging from Bible reading, sexuality, pornography, anxiety, and hell are touched on. You might call this episode an “audio commentary” on some interesting and important quotes from a variety of people on a variety…

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Come and See

What a precious moment that was Philip invited Nathanael to come and see Jesus. And that is the story of Christmas. Whether it is the story of Nathanael or the story of the shepherds and wise men or the story of the friend or pastor who invited you to come to Jesus, when you first bowed the knee and surrendered your life into the hands of Jesus you had no idea the adventure that you would yet see

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