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Behold Your King

I’m entitling today’s message, “Behold your King.” I have borrowed that title. I didn’t come up with it. It is a title which refers to the Messiah. That title is found in 2 different places in our Bible. The first comes from the Old Testament book of Zechariah.

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Episode 094: Powerful Young Adults in History Pt. 1 (Charles Spurgeon)

If you cut Spurgeon, he’d bleed the Bible. More and more people are hearing about Charles Spurgeon – the 19th Century preacher from London. And it’s for good reasons that people are hearing about him, for his life of faith is extremely encouraging. That’s why we’re specifically looking at Spurgeon’s life this week – and…

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Our God Saves

Our God is not a theological system or merely a matter of personal belief, we have a God who intervenes in the affairs of men. It means that it is possible for God to send His angels and shut lions mouths.

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Standing Alone

Daniel 6 introduces us to the well-known story of Daniel in the Lion’s Den. Daniel we are told was a man who was willing to stand alone. His choice to remain faithful to his God meant that he had no one standing with him. For all of you who have ever stood alone because of your commitment to Christ, this text is of great comfort and of encouragement.

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Why is Music Such a Big Issue in the Church?

The Church Sings Apart from a few Christian leaders/denominations in history, the majority of churches have emphasized (and still do) some kind of “music and song” in each gathering. Whether it be led from a single organ, a 12-piece band, or a 75-person choir, church music is an essential component to each service. Why? Because…

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