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A Few Thoughts on Justice in an Unjust World

When much visible injustice is seen and experienced at once, the heartfelt burden for justice increases – as it should. Isn’t this what we see today? You can look at any one direction in our world and see both the sin of injustice and the passion for justice.   Now, God is aware of our…

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Episode 085: A Christian Perspective on Mental Health

Do you struggle with a Christian perspective on mental health? In the last couple decades or so, the topic of mental health has become increasingly popular with more and more people talking about it. You can’t really go far without either experiencing a form of mental illness or knowing someone with mental illness. But what…

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Pray for South Sudanese Refugees

With all the news that is going on, Christians need to focus on those things that affect the kingdom of God, and those that call for our involvement. One of the things we should focusing on is the current refugee crisis in South Sudan.

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True Happiness and Significance is Out There

Friend, true happiness and significance is out there. It’s just not in anything man has made – which includes philosophies and religions that man has thought of). True happiness and significance is only found in the gospel of God.

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Episode 084: Never Settle for Normal with Jonathan Parnell

Are you living in a ‘stupid normal’? Here’s the long and the short of it: we, as human beings, are created for God. Because of this, we long for significance and joy. However, today’s culture has removed “God” from their thinking, resulting in a ‘stupid normal’ lifestyle that doesn’t acknowledge God at all. The irony is,…

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