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The Holy Spirit and Love

The Spirit has already brought a unity that binds all true believers together and we are to safeguard that unity. People need to do all they can not to break what the Holy Spirit has already brought us.

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The Holy Spirit and the Word of God

The Holy Spirit took a vital role in the creation of the Scripture, in the preservation of the Scripture and in the interpretation of Scripture. Had He not done so we would have no navigational instruments that will fly us into the presence of God.

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Fifty Shades of Grey and the Christian

Pornography used to be considered only a man’s problem, but filmmakers have found ways of appealing to the very different psychology of women. And rather than seeing it as a problem, it is now seen as an acceptable form of self-expression.

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The 2 Missing Steps in Cultural Engagement

The Culture(s) of Darkness The culture of every generation is infested with sin. Sometimes the brokenness is more apparent in one culture than another, but it’s always there. Sometimes it’s hidden, sometimes exposed. Sometimes disguised as right, other times blatantly evil.   Unfortunately, “back in the day” was just as broken as today as it…

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The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Spiritual gifts are actually grace gifts. Out of the Holy Spirit’s love and graciousness He has if you are a Christian, given you special abilities which are intended to be used in the life of His church.

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