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Episode 055: Human Sexuality (Q and A pt. 1)

Christian Answers on LGBTQ Questions “Does David and Jonathan’s relationship condone homosexuality?” “Can a homosexual serve in my church?” “Should I allow my son/daughter/friend to stay overnight in my house with their partner?” Dozens of questions fill our minds when it comes to how the church behaves around the LGBTQ community. Without a doubt, showing…

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Episode 054: The Medieval Period (Church History Pt.2)

Church History in the Medieval Period We’re joined again this week by Dr. Michael Haykin from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary to finish our mini 2-week series on the early church in the Patristic Era and the Medieval Period. This week we’ll be digging into church history in the Medieval period. This, as Dr. Haykin…

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Episode 053: The Patristic Era (Church History Pt.1)

Early Church History When it comes to engaging the present culture with the gospel, one of the most important things we can do is engage the past culture of the church – early church history. In short, there is an immense benefit in studying church history. Church history is our family tree, so to speak, and…

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The Uncomfortable Gift of Mercy

Gifts that Hurt Have you ever received a gift that hurt?   Maybe you’ve received a diet plan, a gym membership, or breath mints. Usually when we open gifts we’re hoping that they’re things we want, not necessarily what we need. When someone does gift us with something we need, our natural response is one…

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