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Not Neglecting to Meet Together by Pat Sczebel

As a pastor I’ve encouraged many people in my church to make our gatherings a priority knowing that our times together always encourage and build us up in our faith. Some skip church for all kinds of reasons but not usually because there’s a high risk of being martyred for their faith.

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Episode 033: Confused Listening

Confused Church: We start a brand new 3-week series this week called Confused Church. Our first episode is all about listening to your local church pastor. Many Christians are consciously or unconsciously confused in regards to the necessity and benefit of heeding the words of their shepherds at their church. Dr. John Neufeld joins Isaac…

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The Internet vs. Local Pastor

The Typical Story No small town farmer boy wants his girlfriend to move to the big city for college. Why? Because he fears the reality that she could very well dump him for a “sophisticated” city boy. You’ve seen movies like that haven’t you? When the poor farmer boy is left while his girlfriend innocently…

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