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Not all things are as they appear to be

Last week, I had the marvelous opportunity of spending an entire day with a group of Anglican clergy. My task was to lead a seminar on expositional preaching. As I explained this to a dear friend, he remarked that it must now seem as if I had gone over to the dark side of the…

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Episode 024: Understanding Buddhism & Confucianism

A Look at the Gods: To begin our new series on the world’s most prominent religions, we chat with Steve Kim – an associate at Apologetics Canada. Steve clearly articulates the worldview of these religions and helps us understand them in light of our Christian faith. The post Episode 024: Understanding Buddhism & Confucianism appeared…

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In Praise Of My Dad

Well, Father’s Day is upon us. Those of you have living dads are no doubt scrambling what to get them for Father’s Day. Socks? Golf clubs? A card? As a father, let me say to my children what I say every year. “Don’t get me anything.’’ Either show up at my door, give me a…

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