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Episode 014: Media.Faith.Culture

Christ and Culture: Media, faith, and culture. Three words every Christian must understand and examine. Author and speaker Brett Ullman talks with us about engaging culture’s different worldviews when it comes to the media today. As a Christian, we must respond to media in our culture from a biblical worldview. The post Episode 014: Media.Faith.Culture…

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Feeding Spiritual Hunger: Jesus’ Gospel to the Poor

Luke 4:18 depicts a scene which happened near the beginning of Christ’s ministry. He has come to his hometown of Nazareth, and has been invited to speak in the synagogue where he was brought up. What he said that day would so inflame the people that they would drive him to the precipice of a…

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Episode 013: Video Games and Christianity

Christ and Culture: In our newest series we look at the broad topic of engaging media and social entertainment as a Christian. This week we chat with Drew Dixon (Editor-in-chief of on how a Christian engages video games. He talks about how intentionality, boundaries, discernment and community helps Christians engage this relatively new art…

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Are Canadians Hungry for God’s Word?

As I write this, I am still on the road. I have been tracking the fact that the temperature at my home in Surrey, B.C. has been in the 20 degree range, and as I write in Southern Ontario, the temperature is -4 C with a high possibility of snow on the way. I am…

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