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“Do We Worship the Same God?” A Christian Response

Last week, I had the opportunity to answer a “loaded” spiritual question on the air with one of our partner stations, WDCX in Buffalo, New York. Host Neil Boron, who runs a popular daily live call-in program called Lifeline, occasionally invites me to participate. And this was one such occasion. The subject we discussed is…

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Celebrating the Gospel at Christmas

Throughout my life, I have often noticed that over the years, the reality of a sin cursed world and the hope presented in the gospel are seen in stark contrast with each other. And this year, things are surely that way. The dangers of terrorism with the ensuing attacks in both Paris and San Bernardino…

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Rethinking Christmas (Part 2)

It is quite customary for both Christians and non-Christians to agree that Christmas has become too commercial. But most of us are aware that the retail economy of Canada depends on a robust December. When Canadians are feeling positive about the economy and their future, they spend a lot at Christmas. And this fuels the…

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