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The Canadian Election and the City of Man

Last week I wrote that it is the obligation of every Canadian to pray for our government and our leaders. Since we now know that the new Prime Minister is Justin Trudeau, let’s commit ourselves – as long as he is our Prime Minister – to faithfully stand on his behalf before our heavenly Father.…

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A Christian Witness For The Syrian Refugee Crisis

As believers, it’s important that we pay attention to news stories that secular media will not, and sometimes even refuse, to cover. Last August, ISIS executed 12 Christians for not denouncing their faith in Christ. One of them was the 12-year-old son of a Syrian missionary who had established nine house churches in the region.…

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On Elections and Man-Made Governments

By the time you read this, Canadians will be going to the polls, and, for some, the election results will already be in. Our country will have a new government. In the coming days ahead, we will have time to ascertain what the results mean, and the direction in which we are headed. I have…

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