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Putting the Whole Bible Into One Sentence

I have been thinking about writing an extended piece on the storyline of the Bible (hopefully I get around to it). My reason for thinking about this is that I want Christians to understand the Bible story from creation all the way to the new creation. We must understand how the story of the Bible…

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Hope for the Canadian Church

I think, by now, almost all Christians in Canada think that the Canadian church is in a period of great decline. Whether we think the primary cause is our own failures as a church, the increasing hostile secularism of our culture, or some combination of factors, most of us think this is not our finest…

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Confronting the Unspeakable Issue of Our Day

In light of recent news, some things have been on my mind lately. Several days ago, the CBC reported that Canada Post employees in Saskatoon refused to deliver fliers containing graphic images of aborted babies, which many people would find disturbing. And so, these employees took a stand. Eventually it was agreed that others would…

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The One Topic That Changes Everything

The centre of my preaching and teaching ministry has always been a verse by verse exposition of Scripture. That said, beginning in the fall, I will be leading my listeners through the exciting book of Philippians, which I believe provides us with a road map for how to penetrate a resistant culture with the gospel.…

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