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Christians and the Transgender Movement

Not long ago, a listener asked an important question about the topic of sexuality. This individual commented that, “not long ago, the church only dealt with adultery and fornication. Now it has snowballed into anything and everything from homosexuality to the transgender movement. How are we to understand that? Spiritually, what is happening? It is…

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The Spiritual State of Canada

In the book of Ezekiel, chapter 37 talks about the “dry bones.” Led by the Holy Spirit to a valley full of human bones, the prophet asks, “Son of man, can these bones live?” Of course, this vision represents the house of Israel, as the northern kingdom has been taken into captivity, and the Babylonian…

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Honour Your Mother? Recapturing Mother’s Day

As I understand the history of Mother’s Day, it was first proposed by Anna Marie Jarvis, a woman from West Virginia. Jarvis was a Christian woman who, during her Sunday school lessons as a little girl, found inspiration for just such a day. As Anna grew up, she continued to nurtured the idea of creating…

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A Harvest Among the Jews

Now that my jet lag has subsided, and I am fully back to work writing and in the recording studio, I have had some time to reflect further on my recent experience in Israel. Those of you who read this blog will know that Back to the Bible Canada is planning an Israel Experience in…

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