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Is Your Confession of Faith More Than Just Words?

The questions concerning the Lordship of Christ, and whether surrender of our lifestyle in submission to Christ is necessary in order to be saved, is inexorably tied with how we understand words like “repentance,” “faith,” “works righteousness,” “lawlessness” and a host of other biblical terms. Some readers might wonder if I’m just outlining a fairly…

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Is Your Faith Genuine?

How important is our growth into holiness? I have noticed over the years that the question of holiness continues to occupy the thoughts of many Christians. Some, arguing for justification by grace alone through faith alone have put the issue of holiness, or sanctification, into the important-but-not-necessary-for-our-faith category. Others insist holiness is necessary, and that…

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Justified By Faith

The Heart of the Gospel

This 5 week series on Romans 1-4 presents us with Christianity 101. It is the basics of our faith, teaching us how we can know for certain that sins are forgiven and what it is to live by faith.

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On Justification by Faith

There has been a crisis in the evangelical world over what is perhaps the single most important issue of Christianity – justification by faith alone. With this crisis has come a lack of clarity over the most central question: “What must I do to be saved?” Indeed, the confusion over what constitutes salvation is profound.…

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