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Great Tribulation

By Dr. John Neufeld | December 1, 2022

If we want to understand what Jesus says will happen, we need to know what has happened. History is a foundation to the future. In today’s sermon, Dr. John will take us back to Israel’s past and explain the “abomination of desolation.” We will see the dark days of Jerusalem’s destruction. The glimmer of light in this darkness is the certain victorious return of our Lord.

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Moses: Going in Circles

By Dr. John Neufeld | November 25, 2022

Most would readily admit that Moses was a great leader. He led Israel from Egyptian bondage to the border of the promised land. But it took 40 years to do and wasn’t in a straight line. The path of God for Israel meandered through a wilderness over 4 decades. In this message, Dr. John points…

Death to the Snake

By Dr. John Neufeld | November 25, 2022
Dr. John & Company

We are again entering into the Christmas Season. Advent, the celebration of expectation, is an important time in the Christian calendar. It reminds us that the expectation of God’s deliverance is the story of the human race. Genesis 3:15 is often called the first mention of the gospel in the Bible. It promises that God…

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  • Ep. 237: Can We Trust the Bible? (Part 1)
    The Bible is one of the most famous books in history. It has been translated into nearly every language in the world, placed in most countries, and most people have some understanding of what is written inside. But with the long history and widespread popularity of the Bible, we need to ask the question: can […]


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