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Dying to Live

By Dr. John Neufeld | October 2, 2023

We struggle with the grace of God. It is so beyond our defaults that we struggle to understand it. “Doesn’t too much grace invite us to sin recklessly?” That is the question Dr. John addresses as he continues teaching from Romans 6. We will find that grace not only leads to life, but to holiness.

Finding Joy While Facing Trouble

By Dr. John Neufeld | September 29, 2023

As Dr. John continues with Ps.90, we learn that counting our days can lead to wisdom. What is that wisdom to be? The wisdom gleaned from knowing the brevity of life is found in five prayers. Moses prays for perspective, mercy, joy, meaning and a sense of God’s majesty. These grant us wisdom in the fleeting of our days.

A Call to Go Global

By Dr. John Neufeld | September 29, 2023

I have just returned from the islands of Jamaica and Curacao.  Both were important visits. Back to the Bible Jamaica has been in operation for 65 years. We have enjoyed a close relationship with them and at their initiative, in 2024, they will begin the regular broadcast of Back to the Bible Canada’s teaching content.…

One can’t forget pen and paper when listening to Dr. Neufeld.. so rich!


I just subscribed… Thank you for sharing God’s Word. The greatest calling in life is to present the truth of His word.


Through your show I have learned so much about Jesus, the Bible, and our faith. So from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU! Your ministry reaches further than I think you realize.


I’ve been greatly blessed by your faithful ministry.


Thanks for teaching us the Word of God.



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