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What Am I Made For? Gender and Sexuality / Heaven


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June 22, 2018

The Local Church with Isaac Dagneau

Jun 19, 2018|

What attracts young people to church? What role does the local church play? In this episode of TRUTH and LIFE Today, Ben Lowell and Dr. John Neufeld speak with the host of indoubt, Isaac Dagneau, abou ...Read more

Episode 127: Reaching Your Millennial Friends with the Gospel

Jun 18, 2018|

It's great to have author and blogger Chris Martin with us on the show to talk about how we, as millennials, can help reach other millennials with the gospel. What do we need to know about this generation to help them know Christ? Whether or not you're a millennial, we know you'll be encouraged and informed in this conversation.

What Should The Relationship Be Between Church And State?

Jun 6, 2018|

What should be the relationship between Christians and the state? Does the Bible offer us guidance? I think it does; indeed, it gives us a number of significant mandates.

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Pratt’s Gospel Message and What We Can Do About It (newsfeed)

Jun 20, 2018|

Two nights ago (Monday, June 18, 2018), actor Chris Pratt went a step further in his winning speech upon receiving an MTV award. In his “9 Rules for Life” that he gave, eight were a mixture of funny and semi-serious rules, and then the last was approaching explicit gospel.

Hope + Joy with Phil Callaway

Jun 11, 2018|

How can I find hope and joy in my life? Is it possible to find hope in difficult times? Dr. John Neufeld and host, Ben Lowell, sit down with Laugh Again's Phil Callaway to talk about hope and joy. If ...Read more

What About Gord?

Jun 22, 2018|

Listen to today’s Laugh Again called “What About Gord?” Enjoy!

Do We Really Need To Read The Bible Anymore?

May 22, 2018|

Not long ago, GQ magazine posted a list of 21 books you don’t have to read anymore. That’s because the books have passed from being relevant and meaningful to our culture anymore. Among that list was the Bible.

Have You Ever Been Crippled by Anxiety, Fear or Doubt?

Jun 18, 2018|

I’m the guy who still has nightmares about flunking fifth grade. I’m the guy who said a quick “No” to the first 30 speaking requests I received. I can imagine a disease for every ache, an Eeyore for every Tigger. And I’m not alone.

Tragedy, Grace and Reconciliation. What Are We To Make of Recent Events?

May 1, 2018|

I have been thinking about a number of unrelated matters. But in my mind, I see a combined lesson.

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