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Satisfying the Wrath of God


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July 18, 2018
The Mysteries of the Cross

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Being Called to Politics

Jul 16, 2018|

Is there such a thing as being called to politics? In this episode, Dr. John Neufeld and Ben Lowell talk with federal Conservative politician, Mark Warawa. They discuss being called to politics as wel ...Read more

Episode 131: Gospel and Faith in Canada

Jul 16, 2018|

How's faith in Canada? A few studies have come out in the past year that look into some specifics when it comes to the general attitudes and beliefs in Canada. It's a privilege to have Executive Director of The Gospel Coalition Canada, Wyatt Graham, with us this week to discuss some of those findings and how the church can best respond.

The Future of Christian Marriage in a Hostile Culture

Jul 6, 2018|

What is the future of Christian marriage in Canada in light of the recent decision handed down by the Supreme Court of Canada against Trinity Western University's proposed law school? Dr. John Neufeld ...Read more

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“Jesus Said What?” A Look at John 14:13-14

Jul 18, 2018|

“Jesus said what? That can’t be right.” At first glance and without context, John 14:13-14 sounds like the ticket to all the happiness in the world! Yet, this ticket is quickly crumbled up and thrown on the ground when it seemingly proves untrue. However, upon reading it in its context we will find that it’s absolutely true and quite exciting.

Evangelism with Bill Hogg

Jun 25, 2018|

How can we be passionate about the Gospel? What are the challenges of evangelism? Dr. John Neufeld and host, Ben Lowell, sit down with Bill Hogg to talk about evangelism and how we can share the Gospe ...Read more

Fear Factor

Jul 18, 2018|

Listen to today’s Laugh Again called “Fear Factor” Enjoy!

Trinity Western University Law School and The Supreme Court Decision

Jun 27, 2018|

By now, I suppose most people have heard that the Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that Trinity Western University will not be permitted to open a Law School. At issue was the community covenant agreement that all students are expected to sign. At issue was one part of the covenant, dealing with sexuality.

Have You Ever Been Crippled by Anxiety, Fear or Doubt?

Jun 18, 2018|

I’m the guy who still has nightmares about flunking fifth grade. I’m the guy who said a quick “No” to the first 30 speaking requests I received. I can imagine a disease for every ache, an Eeyore for every Tigger. And I’m not alone.

What Should The Relationship Be Between Church And State?

Jun 6, 2018|

What should be the relationship between Christians and the state? Does the Bible offer us guidance? I think it does; indeed, it gives us a number of significant mandates.

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