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On the Death of Prince

I must begin with a confession. I have very rarely listened to the music of Prince. It is for no other reason than the fact that my musical tastes don’t lend themselves well to the kind of music he was known for. But having said that, I am not unaware of how popular and loved he [...]

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Feeding Spiritual Hunger: Jesus’ Gospel to the Poor

Luke 4:18 depicts a scene which happened near the beginning of Christ’s ministry. He has come to his hometown of Nazareth, and has been invited to speak in the synagogue where he was brought up. What [...]

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Are Canadians Hungry for God’s Word?

As I write this, I am still on the road. I have been tracking the fact that the temperature at my home in Surrey, B.C. has been in the 20 degree range, and as I write in Southern Ontario, the temperature is -4 C with a high possibility of snow on the way. I am again reminded of t [...]

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On Death and Dying

It seems I have hardly been home lately. I arrived home from India to the news that my father-in-law’s time was surely at hand. He had been battling a slow moving cancer now for several years, but now it has progressed to his vital organs. The disease had made its way to his brai [...]