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April 19, 2018
Reasons to Believe

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Abortion with Stephanie Gray

Apr 16, 2018|

What should a Christian response to abortion be? Is there hope to look forward to? In this episode of TRUTH and LIFE Today, Dr. John Neufeld, Ben Lowell, and special guest Stephanie Gray have a challe ...Read more

Episode 118: What Does the Bible Say About Recreational Marijuana?

Apr 16, 2018|

What does the Bible say about recreational marijuana? Taken from our recent indoubt:live event, Dr. John Neufeld gives 4 biblical principles that will help shape our understanding.

Does Pope Francis Believe in Hell? Populism and Truth.

Apr 13, 2018|

According to an Italian publication, La Republica, Pope Francis had a conversation with the co-founder of the publication, Eugenio Scalfari, in which the Pope denied that he believed in hell.

Back to the Bible Kids

Tell the Truth

Apr 18, 2018|

I beg you, tell the truth. As Christians, we know the truth of God, humanity, the world, and salvation. And even though we or others might not consider the heavy weight of those truths, it doesn’t change their reality.

Biblical Friendship with Isaac Dagneau

Apr 9, 2018|

What is true friendship? Why is it important? in this episode of TRUTH and Life Today, Ben Lowell, Dr. John Neufeld, and special guest Isaac Dagneau talk about the goal and purpose of true friendship ...Read more

Go Baby Go

Apr 19, 2018|

Listen to today’s Laugh Again called “Go Baby Go” Enjoy!

Laugh Again Cruise

The Death of Stephen Hawking and Spiritual Darkness

Mar 23, 2018|

In my last blog, I gave thanks for the grace of God that was extended to Stephen Hawking. I was not speaking about the grace of salvation, but rather the common grace extended to all human beings.

Will Accumulating Stuff and Money Make You Truly Happy?

Apr 18, 2018|

Let heaven fill your thoughts; don’t spend your time worrying about things down here.

The Death of Stephen Hawking and the Grace of God

Mar 21, 2018|

How can a man who denies the existence of God be blessed by God with such powers of observation? One of the important yet often forgotten Christian doctrines is the doctrine of common grace.


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