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December 13, 2018
The Meekness and Majesty
A Well-Researched Christmas

Governance in Heaven

Dec 10, 2018

Without sin, is there still a need for government in Heaven? What purpose would it serve? In part nine of our 10-week series on Heaven, […]

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Episode 152: Life, In Community with Jon Hawes

By indoubt Dec 9, 2018

In this week’s episode, Ryan welcomes special guest Jon Hawes.Jon is the Pastor for the Young Adults Ministry, Ethos, at CA Church and him and […]

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Bad theology and worship music and Michael Gungor

Bad Theology and Worship Music and Michael Gungor

By Dr. John Neufeld Nov 29, 2018

Bad theology and worship music has been debated for many years. What makes a worship song bad? Are we just being lazy by accepting what […]

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Christmas Quiz

By Phil Callaway Dec 13, 2018

Listen to today’s Laugh Again called “Christmas Quiz” Enjoy!

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Court Jesters and Funnies

By Phil Callaway Dec 11, 2018

Have you ever been to court? I have. It is far from the happiest place on earth, but we’ve managed to dig up some courtroom […]

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What Does God Look Like?

Dec 3, 2018

What does God “look” like? Will we be able to see God in Heaven? In part eight of our 10-week series on Heaven, Dr. John […]

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Is the Old Testament Still Relevant?

Is the Old Testament Still Relevant?

By Dr. John Neufeld Nov 16, 2018

Is the Old Testament still relevant? Should we even be paying attention to the “old laws.” Andy Stanley, the senior pastor of North Point Community […]

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A story of Grief Harmony's Story

Harmony’s Story

By Harmony Strauss Dec 6, 2018

This story of grief + faith by Harmony Strauss will speak to those who’ve been through the loss of a child. Harmony shares her faith, […]

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