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Calm Before the Storm

God expects His church to be international. He expects us to lay aside our own prejudices and take the gospel to everyone on earth. But did you know that approximately 40% of the earth’s population still have not heard the Good News? How do we bring the gospel to every person in the world? Join…

Video Sermon Series April 16, 2021

What sets apart the book of Proverbs from a self-help book you’d buy from the bookstore is that Jesus changes us from the inside out, rather than the outside in….

Dr. John's Blog April 12, 2021
4 min read

The account of the resurrection is the story of an unanticipated reversal of fortune. The arrest, the slander, the trial, the beatings and the crucifixion present us with a story…

Video Sermon Series

These are unique times we’re living in, and it’s our hope that these messages will fill you with encouragement and hope during these days!
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Laugh Again April 21, 2021

Listen to today's Laugh Again with Phil Callaway called “It’s Good For You.” Enjoy!

indoubt Podcast April 19, 2021

The Christian life is a life of prayer, but have you asked yourself what should my prayer life look like? Why isn’t it working? Why do I feel alone? Why…

Israel Experience 2022
Join us from April 24 - May 2, 2022 for The Israel Experience! Travel to the Holy Land and experience some of the locations where Jesus, Paul, David, and so many others walked!
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