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Head Coverings and Christian Witness

A MESSAGE ON 1 Corinthians 11:2-6

How Being Alone Can Help Loneliness

Jan 18, 2017|

Loneliness is not part of God’s good creation. In fact, it wasn’t long after God made the first human that He said, “It is not good that the man should be alone.”

An Encouragement to Read Through the Bible This Year

Jan 17, 2017|

I suspect that many of you who are reading this have made a commitment to read through your Bible this year. Others still need to make the commitment. But I want to encourage you to do it, and not give up.

Falling Onstage

Jan 17, 2017|

Nothing endears you to an audience quite like that moment when things go horribly wrong.

Episode 053: The Patristic Era (Church History Pt.1)

Jan 16, 2017|

Here we are beginning the first 2-week series looking this week at the Patristic Era, and then next week at the Medieval Period.


The Uncomfortable Gift of Mercy

Jan 11, 2017|

Don’t be lingering like Lot, trying to distract yourself with the ‘comfortable.’ Follow Him. If, like Lot, you do linger, don’t be upset when you’re seized.

Episode 052: Rethinking Worship Music

Jan 9, 2017|

It's a delight to be talking with songwriter and musical composer Cody Curtis (Psallos) this week on rethinking worship music.

The Struggle for a Greater Experience of God

Jan 4, 2017|

I don’t know about you, but one of my deepest desires is to experience God – to be filled with joy when praying, reading His Word, and following Him in the daily grind.

Looking Forward to a New Year

Jan 2, 2017|

I look forward with joy and anticipation to the coming of 2017. Unlike so many who have no hope, we know that the best days are still ahead.

Episode 051: Why Study the Bible? with Tim Mackie

Jan 2, 2017|

This week on the indoubt podcast to kick off the new year is Tim Mackie - one of the guys behind The Bible Project. This week on the show we ask the question: why study the Bible? Tim has devoted his ...Read more

What does John mean by “Do not love the world”?

Dec 28, 2016|

The New Testament that we hold in our hands today contains five books written by John the apostle – one gospel, three letters to the early Church, and the book of Revelation. Tucked away in his first ...Read more