God vs. Government

By Truth and Life Today | Oct 12, 2019

Can Christians honour God while still respecting the government? Should the Church of Jesus Christ rely on the state in order to do her mission? […]

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Lead - Ep. 197: You're Never too Young to Lead with Anne Miranda

Ep. 197: You’re Never too Young to Lead

By indoubt | Oct 21, 2019

On this week’s episode of indoubt, Anne Miranda, joins Isaac to explore what it means to lead or be a leader in a younger generation.

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Are We Losing Our Religious Freedoms? by Dr. John Neufeld - Back to the Bible Canada

Are We Losing Our Religious Freedom?

By Dr. John Neufeld | Oct 21, 2019

Are we losing our religious freedom? Just because we might not get the government we want here on earth, we hold out for the promises […]

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Laugh Again hosted by Phil Callaway | Back to the Bible Canada

Eye of the Storm

By Phil Callaway | Oct 21, 2019

Listen to today’s Laugh Again with Phil Callaway called “Eye of the Storm”. Enjoy!

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Excuses - What's Your Excuse? Article by Joshua Scott - indoubt

What’s Your Excuse?

By Joshua Scott | Oct 10, 2019

What are my convictions about the truth of God that keep me coming to church every Sunday? Have my excuses been real or made up for my own benefit?

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The Cambodian Killing Fields

By Truth and Life Today | Oct 6, 2019

From a vacation in Thailand to the Killing Fields of Cambodia, Brian McConaghy’s story is nothing short of unpredictable and remarkable! Join us this week […]

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Mickey Mantle

No More Fear of Death

By Phil Callaway | Oct 16, 2019

Jesus has the power to take away our fear of death. He did with Mickey Mantle—and He can do it for you, too. Few baseball […]

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We Need Pro-Life Leadership by Dr. John Neufeld - Back to the Bible Canada

We Need Pro-Life Leadership

By Dr. John Neufeld | Oct 7, 2019

A look at the writings of Francis J. Beckwith, and the need for pro-life leadership within our churches. I recently became aware of Francis J. […]

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