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God Will Not Desert His People

He Made Me Human: Genesis 5:25-6:8 Who are the Nephilim and the sons of God and daughters of men in Genesis 6? Today Dr. John teaches on this confusing passage with practical insights for the people of God in our broken world today.

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Remaining Faithful

No one doubts that these are difficult days. COVID-19 continues to rage, although it would seem its effects are less deadly than they originally were. War is raging in Europe. China is presently holding military exercises around Taiwan, even as a group of US lawmakers are visiting the self-ruled island. And that’s not mentioning other…


Why a Pilgrimage?

Life is short, but eternity is long. In this final sermon in our video series called “The Time of Your Life”, Dr. Neufeld continues teaching on what it means Biblically that we are pilgrims, and how our destination to come affects the journey now.


Thoughts on My Recent Trip to Israel

This now, is my 7th trip to Israel. Having come out of COVID-19 lockdowns (at least for now), allowed Back to the Bible Canada to host another Israel Experience. The size of the group was smaller than in past trips, due to many still not sure about the complexity of travel and the occasional security…

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