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DR. NEUFELD'S MESSAGE ON Genesis 19:27-38

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January 17, 2018
Confident Faith

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Christianity and Politics with Ed Fast, MP

Jan 15, 2018|

How should a Christian view politics? What role does faith play within politics? In this episode of TRUTH + Life Today, Ben Lowell and Dr. John with special guest The Honourable Ed Fast (Member of Par ...Read more

Episode 105: Abortion and Christianity (with Stephanie Gray)

Jan 15, 2018|

The subject of abortion can be difficult to talk about - including within the church. Many Christians are quite apathetic towards the whole issue. But when we discover what exactly abortion is, it would be completely necessary for every Christian to be zealously against it. With us this week is an author and speaker on abortion, Stephanie Gray.

Christians, Donald Trump and The Gospel

Jan 9, 2018|

For many evangelicals in Canada, the support from American Evangelicals for Donald Trump strikes us as troublesome. In response, many American Evangelicals would explain that while they know they have a highly flawed president, the reality is that this is the choice that they were given.

We Can Trust Our Bibles

Jan 10, 2018|

The reliability of the Bible is a big topic. Read one popular agnostic professor's (Bart D. Ehrman) quote on the subject, and then Dr. Andreas Köstenberger's response. The quote, I think, reveals something that many skeptics and even Christians struggle with. I hope Andreas's brief answer gets you thinking.

Dr. John Neufeld Teaches the Truth – 2017 Highlights

Jan 8, 2018|

As we look ahead towards 2018, we're reminded of the amazing progress we've made over the last few years as a Bible teaching resource. In this episode of TRUTH + Life Today, we've decided to celebrate ...Read more


Jan 17, 2018|

Listen to today’s Laugh Again called “Annoyed” Enjoy!

The Love of God at Christmas (Part 2)

Dec 25, 2017|

John 3:16 is probably the best Christmas text. In my last blog on this subject, I pointed out, that in John’s gospel, the world that God so loved is the realm of rebellion against God. In 1 John we ar ...Read more

How Are You At Christmas Trivia?

Dec 21, 2017|

Today we present the fifth installment of our popular Laugh Again Christmas Quiz. Click here to take the quiz.

What The Pope Said About Changing The Lord’s Prayer

Dec 19, 2017|

Many of you have now seen multiple newspaper articles referring to Pope Francis’ statements about the need to change the Lord’s Prayer. Before we react too quickly, let’s be absolutely sure about what the Francis said, and what he didn’t say.

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