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The Seventh Trumpet

DR. NEUFELD'S MESSAGE ON Revelation 11:14-19

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June 23, 2017
Revelation | Volume 2

Relationship of Men and Women

Jun 19, 2017|

This week on Truth + Life Today, Dr. John discusses the relationship of men and women.

Episode 075: Legalism and Grace

Jun 19, 2017|

Does godliness look like a super disciplined life? Many people think so. Author and speaker Marci Preheim joins us to talk about the grace of God in the gospel of Jesus to help free us from the wrong theology of legalism.

The Land of Our Exile (Part 1)

Jun 21, 2017|

When Jeremiah, who was still living in Judah, wrote a letter to the exiles of Israel, he offered counsel as to how to survive the captivity of Babylon. If you don’t know your Bible history well, liste ...Read more

What Gives Humanity Purpose? (Newsfeed)

Jun 21, 2017|

Prof Stephen Hawking set some pretty intense space exploration and inhabitation goals for the leading countries to think about. But, will this give humanity purpose? If we need to escape this death ball, what should we do?


Jun 12, 2017|

This week on Truth + Life Today, Dr. John discusses the topic of evangelism.

Who’s Driving?

Jun 23, 2017|

Listen to today’s Laugh Again called “Who’s Driving?” Enjoy!

Celebrating 150 Years as a Nation

Jun 13, 2017|

As one of the Lord’s exiles in Canada, I reflect on my experience of living in this amazing country. Yes, it is not my home, for I long for another land. And yet, by God’s providence, I have been called to live out my days in this land. What shall we make of this?

Six Things I Used to Hate About You

Jun 20, 2017|

Early in our marriage, things weren’t going well. My wife irritated me. I wanted to follow Martin Luther’s example and nail a list of irritations to the bathroom door.


Jun 1, 2017|

G.K. Chesterton once commented that people without religion do not end up believing nothing. They believe everything.

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